Scientists have found a way to turn carbon dioxide into plastics and fabrics

Scientists have found a way to turn carbon dioxide into plastics and fabrics


November 24, 2018




Ученые нашли способ превращать углекислый газ в пластмассы и ткани

American researchers from Rutgers University have learned to make catalysts that can convert carbon dioxide into plastics, fibers, resins, and other products, reports Nation News.

In addition to enzymes, electrocatalysts is the first materials that can transform carbon dioxide and water into carbon building blocks. They contain one, two, three or four carbon atoms with an efficiency greater than 99%.

Scientists were able to create two substances: methylglyoxal (C3) and 2,3-prandial (C4). They can be used as precursors for plastics, adhesives and pharmaceuticals. For security purposes, toxic formaldehyde, the researchers propose to replace methylglyoxal.

“Our breakthrough could lead to the conversion of carbon dioxide into valuable products and raw materials in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries,” said senior author Charles Dismukes.

Previously, experts have proven that carbon dioxide can be converted into methanol, ethanol, methane, and ethylene. However, this method was costly and inefficient.

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