Old Kevin Hart ‘joke’ about not wanting a gay son recirculates after he’s named 2019 Oscars host – Yahoo Entertainment

Old Kevin Hart ‘joke’ about not wanting a gay son recirculates after he’s named 2019 Oscars host – Yahoo Entertainment

Kevin Hart has been tapped to host the 2019 Academy Awards, which could shape up to be the most diverse to date, with many films featuring LGBT characters being honored. And as the internet reacts to the news, an old “joke” the comedic actor made — about not wanting his son to be gay — is being recirculated.

Here was the bit:

But with Hart the face of the show in a year that could be an “LGBT Oscars bonanza,”  some people are asking whether he is the best pick. Here are some of the comments raising the issue:

Kevin Hart is going to be hosting #TheOscars on a year that is set to honor many films that have queer characters (A Star is Born, The Favourite, Can You Ever Forgive Me?). Hart has said that one of his biggest fears is his son being gay… Read below for more. Pretty sad. pic.twitter.com/r4qSTSzfsm

— Jack Nix (@jackmnix) December 5, 2018

.@KevinHart4real I trust on Hollywood’s biggest night with a year filled with films with strong LGBTQ characters and themes, you’ll leave the “I hope my son doesn’t grow up gay” jokes in your other tux? https://t.co/vhBfEiyxlQ

— Big Gay IrishBearAZ (@irishbearaz) December 5, 2018

I’m asking myself why gay hating Kevin Hart is hosting the the Oscars? The Academy has been about inclusion and now it’s headed back to the past promoting anti gay views through its endorsement of hart.

— SpeediegATL (@SPEEDIEGATL) December 5, 2018

Kevin hart is gonna walk on stage at the oscars and do his “my worst fear is my son being gay 🤪😜” sketch

— josh (@biIIywilder) December 5, 2018

Does @TheAcademy know about @KevinHart4real’s history of homophobia? How can they claim to care about diversity and then pick this man as host? I’ll be skipping the Oscars this year.

— Dan Holohan (@dxholaa) December 5, 2018

Really? One of the most HOMOPHOBIC ACTORS/COMEDIANS ALIVE TODAY? 🙄😡 Yeah good plan, Academy.

— SoundersMutts (@Kimaluli) December 5, 2018

“One of my biggest fears is my son growing up and being gay.” — Kevin Hart, new host of the Oscars.

— Wheeler @ Shout Out (@Wheeler) December 5, 2018

He ended by saying unequivocally, “[Obviously,] there’s nothing wrong with being gay.”

Reps for both Hart and the academy haven’t yet responded to Yahoo Entertainment’s request for comment. However, Hart is used to criticism, and we expect that he’s not completely surprised by remarks aimed at him after landing this super-high-profile gig, a dream come true for the star. In fact, just the other day he wrote on Twitter, “Why is it so hard for people to find better things to do than being negative….Being angry is easy…Finding happiness within yourself is what’s tuff…I challenge everyone to find happiness in YOURSELF. F*** negativity.” And, following the hosting announcement, he replied to a fan who said it’s hard to look past the negativity, by writing, “That’s what makes the winning more fun.”

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