More exclusive Fortnite items are coming to Samsung Note 9 and Tab S4 owners

More exclusive Fortnite items are coming to Samsung Note 9 and Tab S4 owners

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While videogames are customarily a leisure pursuit that entertains, relieves stress, and transports you to other worlds, the world of mobile gaming in particular has popularized the another aspect: the sport of building a collection of virtual items to wear, ride, fight with, and display as a indicator of your prowess.

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Like most mobile games of this ilk, Fortnite (Android, iOS) is also effectively free to play, relying instead on purchases of individual in-game items for real money. There is the occasional giveaway, though it also comes with strings attached. Take, for example, the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 phone, which was paired with the launch of Fornite on Android devices.

If you picked up this phone when it launched in August, you were entitled to a free Fortnite “skin,” which is an alternate look for your player character. This “Galaxy” skin gives you an appropriately cosmic look — and it turns out that it’s not the last Fortnite fringe benefit for Note 9 or Tab S4 owners, according to Samsung’s latest announcement.

Starting on November 1, owners of the Note 9 or Tab S4 tablet will gain access to a “Galaxy accessory kit,” which includes a new glider, an in-game backpack, and a new look for their harvesting tool. As per usual, these are just cosmetic changes that have no direct impact on gameplay.

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This package will arrive upon the broadcast of a live Fornite stream on a Twitch (Android, iOS) channel run by popular player Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who will be joined by actress Nora Lum, hip-hop artist and producer Travis Scott, and Samsung contest winner Hector Diaz.

To entice Fortnite mobile gamers to pick up a Note 9, Samsung is offering trade-in deals worth up to $600 until November 3, on its website and at Best Buy, AT&T, and “other retailers.”

Samsung phones have an app store of their own that streamlines the installation of Fortnite, which on Android otherwise requires a few extra steps that don’t use the Google Play Store. However, iPhone and iPad owners can download and install the iOS version of Fornite directly from the App Store.


  • Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Tab S4 tablet will have the exclusive ability to access a new set of Fortnite items starting November 1.
  • The items are a new glider, backpack, and harvesting tool. They are cosmetic only, so they don’t impact gameplay.
  • Be aware that installing Fortnite on Android requires a few extra steps, and it does not use the Google Play Store.

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