Hulk Hogan, nWo Reunion Appears to Be Very Real

Hulk Hogan, nWo Reunion Appears to Be Very Real

After some social media teases by Hulk Hogan, it looks like an nWo reunion is actually coming to fruition.

Some fans spotted a camera crew at Hulk Hogan’s Beach Shop in Florida recently. Hogan took photos wearing an nWo shirt and sporting the old black beard he had during the nWo days. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were also there sporting the nWo colors.

It’s not known right now what the filming was for or who it was doing the filming. It would seem unlikely this would be anyone but a WWE camera crew, especially with Hogan’s re-emergence with the company in recent weeks.

So what would the purpose here be? Some kind of documentary or WWE Network special seems to make the most logical sense. It seems like WWE isn’t taking long to get Hogan back on their airwaves following his reinstatement to the WWE Hall of Fame last month.

Hogan last appeared on WWE first-run material during the summer of 2015 while a judge for Tough Enough. It was during the filming and airing of that series that Hogan’s racist remarks made on a decade old sex tape became public, prompting WWE to part ways with Hogan and remove him from their Hall of Fame.

Hogan originally formed the nWo with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash at the 1996 WCW Bash at the Beach PPV event. Hall and Nash had entered WCW that year as the Outsiders, starting with Hall during a Memorial Day edition of Monday Nitro. The duo wrestled Sting, Randy Savage, and Lex Luger at the Bash at the Beach, with a mystery third partner advertised to join them. That mystery partner ended up being Hogan and his heel turn and formation of the nWo prompted the most profitable period in WCW history. In fact, it ignited the entire wrestling business.

Fast forward just over four years later and WCW had squandered all of that momentum, failed to create new stars through outrageously bad writing, made spectacularly bad personnel decisions, and eventually had their television pulled after the AOL/Time Warner merger. Several entities had thought of purchasing WCW, but without television in the fold, the purchase was worthless to virtually everyone except one man: Vince McMahon. That purchase put an end to the Monday night wars and WCW for good.

There’s no question that the original nWo was an excellent story and one of the best stables in wrestling history, but the stable continued to grow over the next couple of years, and with more and more trivial members, the group lost virtually all of their momentum and uniqueness. The history of the nWo is just one many example of how WCW failed despite being in a position where that seemed impossible.

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