Finding meaning in the Buffalo Bills ‘legendary’ comeback

Finding meaning in the Buffalo Bills ‘legendary’ comeback

Chicago — The start of the game couldn’t have gone worse for AJ McCarron in his final audition for the Buffalo Bills starting quarterback job in a meaningless, by most accounts, final preseason game.

Through two quarters, McCarron had a zero quarterback rating and two interceptions. When he walked into the locker room, a glance at the scoreboard revealed a 20-0 deficit that was partly his fault. One of the interceptions was a pick-six that Doran Grant returned 33 yards for a score.

McCarron needed a big second half. So he turned to his teammates in the huddle and explained how the final minutes of a game most considered meaningless were going to go.

“I told them, ‘Watch this. This is going to be legendary,'” McCarron said.

On the final drive, McCarron told his teammates they were going to go down the field and score the winning touchdown.

What followed was the most fun McCarron has ever had on a football field.

Will it be enough to secure his future in Buffalo? Read the full game story here.

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